2020-2021 Schedule

2020-2021 season update: In order for our players and Puff-fans to stay safe and healthy during the ongoing pandemic, at this time, the teams in the East Coast Women’s Hockey League (Pittsburgh Puffins, Hagerstown Mayhem, Chesapeake Bay Lightning, Prince William Wildcats) have decided to postpone the 2020-2021 season. They will meet in December to see if there might be a possibility of a January 2021 start to the season. In the meantime, we will be hosting local scrimmages (when ice time is available) for any women hockey players as well as some ice time for scrimmages with other ECWHL teams. When the scrimmages are officially scheduled, we’ll post them on our Facebook page, but you can also contact us via our webpage if you are interested in our scrimmage schedule: https://www.pghpuffins.com/contact. Even though this season will look a little different for us, we look forward to playing hockey and staying in shape in the safest way possible.



Puffins D team home games are FREE and played at

Roy McKnight Hockey Center at Shady Side Academy

423 Fox Chapel Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15238

unless otherwise noted in the schedule below.

Away games are played at the rink listed on the schedule below (click event to see rink location).

Puffins D team

2019-2020 Season ECWHL Record: 7 - 4 - 1

Team/Game Statistics

2019-2010 ECWHL Playoff Record: 2 - 0

The Puffins are the ECWHL 2019-2020 Summit Challenge Cup Champions!

Puffins C team

2019-2020 Tournaments Only: 1 - 1 - 0