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About Puffins Hockey


Founded in 1998, the Pittsburgh Puffins were founded by Joanne DeFazio, who created the Mothers of Hockey program, a group of women who wanted to try out the sport that their children were so passionate about. The Puffins arose from this group and were a founding member of the Pennsylvania-Ohio Women's Hockey Association (POWHA) when it was formed in 2002. From 2014-2019, the Puffins were a part of the Mid-Atlantic Women's Hockey League (MAWHL). The Puffins are currently a part of the East Coast Women's Hockey League (ECWHL). 


As a recreational ice hockey team, the Pittsburgh Puffins are comprised of women and non-gender conforming players from many backgrounds and experience levels. The team currently fields a D level and C level team.

The Puffins are a non-profit team. If you are interested in donating to the team, contact us.


Interested in joining the Puffins? Read our FAQ.

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